Delivering computing solutions using software, analytics, intelligence over the internet or referred as “ The Cloud “ is an innovation that changed IT Sector in a big way. Cloud Computing offers Faster Innovation, flexible Resources and economies of scale. Companies generally pay only for cloud services they use which helps them in the reduction of operating cost, manage infrastructure efficiently and scale as demand grows.

With cloud computing, we bring you the flexibility you want in your approach, enhanced collaboration between your team, security at a lesser cost.

Cloud is a transformative approach which offers more than just conventional data center for future.

Daksha IT Consultancy is working, idealizing & implementing best software infrastructure including encryption, authentication, network segmentation, data integrity & data management across multiple instances. Our approach Boosts more stable hybrid cloud implementation which leverages AWS, Azur & Google Cloud Platform.

Our experts in cloud computing offers you core expertise more than just cloud computing platform.

Software as a service (SaaS) :
Subscription-based Pricing model fulled need of Saas in IT domain. SaaS offers a better way to application development, deployment and maintenance in comparison with on-premise infrastructure. Saas offers a great way for application integration with 3rd party systems and applications. It is an alternative to traditional on-premise software installations. Lower upfront cost due to subscription (monthly / annually) based model, quick & easy set-up & deployment, easy upgrades due to cloud hosting, accessibility via internet and browser and flexibility of scaling as needed made SaaS a thing for everyone.

Platform as a service (PaaS) :
With Service offerings from lead technology companies, we can take application development to another level with platforms inbuilt functionality of development tools, database management, business analytics, service and storage, networking firewalls etc.

Scalability, including rapid allocation & deallocation of resources with pay as you use model hence reduction in capital expenditure, self – service, ability to add new users quickly makes PaaS a choice for all. Typically business applications need integrations with different functionalities & Paas environment typically comes with a set of pre-built integration & aggregation. components which speed up & simplify necessary development work.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) :
Main Advantage of Infrastructure as Service is it allows to scale up & down with demand, letting you pay only for what you use. It helps in setting up quick test & Development environments. You can dismantle it when needed, saving in cost.