Social Media Optimization

Social media is growing so fast every day and its very important to leverage these platforms for the business purpose and most of the clients decides their wish list as per the social media feeds. Daksha IT Consultancy provides a wide range of social media optimization solutions such as monitoring, implementation, strategies and more with the goal in mind to build the best engaging follower to increase sales per post.

Search Engine Marketing

Everybody uses search engine to look for any products they want to buy online. With our SEO strategies Daksha it consultancy provides strategies to teach our clients how google, bing or yahoo works and how their website will increase ranks to get most of the clicks and engagement rate. PPC(pay-per-click) is the best way to get more exposure and beat the competitors to get more customers and earn more profit.

Email & Affiliate Marketing

Email is also most important method in marketing as most of the businesses use this marketing method to directly contact with other website and convert them to increase sales. Affiliate marketing is another powerful strategy in which you can make a team of clients and just pay them whenever they make any sales which eventually increase your count of sales and profit.

Display Advertisement

Online advertisement can be in the form of text or display image or video format and its very popular as you display ads where customer is looking for e.g on search engines, on video, in-between blogs and more. The small businesses who are struggling to take upper rank on google uses this strategy.